What I Feared Would Happen, Happened!

Logo states Bella Cosper. There is a quail bird sitting on the R at the end of Cosper.

My domain from the old site transferred here and it’s live. But, it’s a mess! Holy freakin moly! It’s 12:30 am, I’m enjoying my new purple satin sheets, and I don’t know if I can sleep with my site like this. I mean each page is a disaster. I’ve gotta resize pics, shift this n that, and the About page ?!!! I paid WP Express to do my site. I wrote my about me. I think they used AI for some of it, and that spelling is atrocious. I thought that page was hidden. I predict I’m gonna toss and turn all night.  

Besides that, I’m starving. I didn’t realize I hadn’t eaten dinner til I got into bed.

And besides that, if you’re a Subscriber, please subscribe again, my friend. I couldn’t figure out (at least not yet) how to transfer Subscribers.  

Alright, nobody panic. Good night.

UPDATE FOLLOWING WEEKEND: So, I redid the new site about 3 times before hanging it up. Fresh new start here. Good times. (I’m fibbing).

Spill your thoughts.

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