Southern Blend Productions, LLC

Logo reads Southern Blend. There's a quail bird standing at the end of it.

Southern Blend Productions, LLC is the umbrella that covers and

Southern Blend Productions is a multi-media company that produces scripted audio, short film, writing services, and multi-media content. We create content for lifestyle, pop, travel, comedy, pets, and happy, healthy living.

The pandemic was mind=frazzling. Southern Blend Productions was going strong as a boutique audio production company. Hello 2020. Boom! Lockdown – As my wheels kept spinning, everyone was baking bread and dying their hair pink, while I was thinking, “I should rebrand!” So, EggRoll Media was born watching my dog devour three eggrolls. Then someone claimed it might be culturally offensive = another rebrand = Big Role, to keep it similar. As the pandemic began to dissipate, so did my idea of a rebrand…WTF was I doing? I’d lost track of my entire vision for SBP. So, two LLC name refilings and website rebrandings later, and losing myself, I rebranded back to Southern Blend Productions, LLC and it’s staying that way. Confused? I feel ya.

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