Filmed in Foney Glasses

Filmed in Foney Glasses, spelled wrong, with an F. There is a pair of 3-D glasses beside it.

The Filmed in Foney Glasses podcast was created to educate the entertainment industry of the need for authentic representation of people with disabilities in all aspects of filmmaking. No more writing about us, without us.

Previously a vlog, FFG discusses the writing, performance, and direction of film and television with ‘blind’ subjects. While some projects have begun to hire ‘consultants’, not only is this offensive to many in the disability community, it’s also robbing disabled individuals of careers, and another method of gatekeeping. A consultant gets paid a flat fee for sharing details about their body, while the abled filmmaker makes bank.

Uploading the content ASAP – it’s a new site – about Sight. See what I did there? Be right back…

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