Spillin’ the Biebs…I Mean, Beans

Sound waves from an audio editing program.

Being vulnerable, completely honest, and transparent in all of my affairs means not having shame or hiding who I truly am. With this flooding winter rain we’ve had in Los Angeles and being trapped indoors for so long, I finally did it. I just went to my YouTube Music account and found the artist station for…The Biebs. I can explain!

Now, like you, I always saw him as a kid. And while I didn’t like Baby, Baby, Baby – it was for kids, also the tornado swept side bangs were a bad look, but caught on to that age group.  I respected him and thought he had loads of talent, but that was that. Then he became edgy.

After the breakup with Selena Gomez (no, I was not following his personal life), but he came out with that song Love Yourself. Is that the title? ‘You should go and Love yourself’. “And if you think that I am still holding on to something, you should go and love yourself’.  Made so much damn sense. A far more beautiful thing to say to someone rather than what we normally say. In a psychological sense as in someone being so self absorbed should actually learn to love themself. I heard that song once in a clothing store, googled who it was and was shocked, but realized, Justin Bieber has grown up. He sounds great – his voice has matured and this is the song that sold me.

I would like to point out that NONE of this had to do with that fact that over the long pandemic I was in a weekly zoom meetup with a select group of gay men, one who did a tutorial and tracing with the mouse pointer, of JB’s Calvin Klein underwear ad outlining of his prints (as my grandma would call it), and another member of the meetup trying to 1-up that guy and sharing the nude swimming pool shots. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING UNTIL I SAW IT. I’m not attracted to him in that way, but the nude pic, um, now allowed me to see him now as a…very grown up man. Quite the man…and his voice and style have changed! He has found himself as an artist.

Let me interrupt and say the song that is currently on must be from his early days. I’m gonna hit Next. (pause) Oh yeah, so now it’s playing Peaches. Georgia being my home state, this song caught my attention, again, out shopping, and I thought, Is this Bieber? ‘I get my peaches out in Georgia/I get my light from the Source’. These are lyrics I can totally digg. Sorry. That’s a good tune, and he’s done some great collabs – although Despacito was way overplayed. It was great on its own.

Well, there you are, heavenly father, priests, Buddha, Great Spirit, and judgmental music snobs. I’m a Belieber. Sometimes. But this current song is enough to have me get up and change stations.

Happy New Year, everyone. For anyone dieting, all you have to do it come clean. You’ll feel much lighter.



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