About Me

Bella Cosper, a caucasian woman, has her hands on her hips and is grinning at the camera. She has shoulder length hair.

Bella Cosper is a comedic writer and performer in Los Angeles. She writes both live action and animation for film and TV, as well as print, and audio. She is a voice actor and has been a staple in Los Angeles comedy venues for two decades, hosting, performing, storytelling, directing, and producing.

Some of her credits include DreamWorksTV, Comedy Central, CBS, Apple TV, KTLA, Buzzfeed, TLC, Sacred Fools, UCB, and Typewriter Dynasty. You can find awards on the Accolades page.

She is a grad of UCLA Extension’s TV Comedy Writing and Development program, and studied comedy writing and performing at Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pack Theater, and iO West. She also has an education in the medical field from a lifetime ago.

Fellowships she has participated in: CBS Pipeline; 1in4 Coalition; Women in Animation (development track at Six Point Harness); Respectability Lab; Actors Access Academy from AppleTV; and was a finalist for WarnerMedia’s 2021 writers’ track.

“It’s a wonderful life, if I let it be.” – Bella Cosper

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